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Thinking of buying a house? Use this calculator to determine how much mortgage you can afford. Simply fill out the simple fields on our mortgage payment calculator and click calculate!  Our calculator will quickly analyze your monthly income, future property taxes, and insurance to estimate the mortgage amount that would best fit your budget.

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What Our Clients Say

We saw the ad on Facebook and joined the rate watch list. Two weeks later we saved! Our mortgage was a 4.85 and now its 3.975! Awesome!

Felecia C.

Los Angeles, CA

Best thing about Inspector Mortgage? NO SPAM! The bank they teamed me up with was great. Hope I win the no payments for a year!

Robert R.

San Francisco, CA

We have refinanced our loan twice using! We also used them for our insurance and saved $130.00 per year!

Melanie & Koby E.

Cartersville, GA